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The Auto Shut Off battery box is an upgrade to the Standard battery box that comes with the kit. It has an automatic feature that turns off the power to the headset when left on after use. To reset, simply turn off the switch then turn it back on and you are ready to go. Also included is a battery condition indicator LED between the switch and the jack on the top plate. It flashes green with a good battery and red with a battery containing a low charge.

PM-004-2  ASO box with ANR kit purchase  $15.00
HA-037     ASO box purchase outright            $29.00

Pouch and Switch replaces the Standard battery box in the kit. It attaches to the helmet with Hook and Loop so that it stays with the helmet.

HA-051 Pouch and switch w/kit         $  0.00
HA-001 Pouch and Switch outright    $19.00
AMP Cable combines all the connectors Audio, Microphone and ANR power into one cable for a cleaner easier to handle cable assembly

HA-009-K  AMP cable with ANR kit purchase $22.00
HA-009      AMP cable purchase outright          $34.00

Audio / Mic cable to replace existing cable . Does not have power for ANR system.

HA-008   Audio/Mic cable     $29.00   (as shown)
HA-008-174  Audio/mic cable with U-174 end
                               $39.00   (cable not shown)

Audio / Mic replacement cable with coiled cord. Does not have power for ANR.

HA-008-Z   Audio/mic coiled cable   $54.00 (as shown)
HA-008-174-Z Audio/mic coiled cable with U-174 end
                         $69.00  (cable not shown)
Amp cable (audio, mic, power) with straight cable and U-174 connector

HA-009-174  AMP cable       $49.00 
AMP cable (audio, mic, power) with coiled cable and U-174 connector

HA-009-174-Z   AMP cable   $79.00
Hard Shell ear cups to replace soft ear cups. Our system requires installation into hard ear cups.

HA-005  helmet ear cups    (Pr.)    $24.00
Microphone boom thumb screws allow quick adjustments for wire microphone booms. No more looking for a small screwdriver!

HA-065  Boom Thumb screws            $5.00
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