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The EM-002-H-BA-PF headset is a tactical style headset designed for use exclusivly with the Tocnet system. The headset features the Headsets Incorporated active noise reduction system for quiet, precise communications. The  talk through system provides for situational awareness while wearing the headset. The headset can be used with the foot PTT switch or separate from it. The lightweight design, gel ear seals, lightweight head strap and nape pad provide long wearing comfort with or without helmet.

Features of the system:

Tactical designed ear cups
Milspec ribbon head band with Velcro hook and loop adjustments
Gel Ear seals
Electret Microphone for clear communications that can be use right or left mounted
Headsets Incorporated Active Noise reduction System
Headsets Incorporated Talk-through system
ANR On/Off button
Talk-through On/Off/Volume control switch
Dual Ambient sound sensing Microphones
Mil-spec quality cabling
Cable mounted PTT switch with 3 position switch for intercom or radio communication
Rugged Amphenol connectors for precise connections
Rugged foot PTT switch with selector switch for radio or intercom operation


Audio speaker
Impedance - 300 ohm stereo
Effective Frequency Range - 80 - 18k Hz

Boom Microphone Type - M65 electret noise canceling
Boom - Full flex type; R/L interchangeable
Frequency Response - 300Hz - 8kHz
Source Resistance - 220 - 2200 ohms

Active Noise Attenuation
ANR effective frequency range - 80 - 600 Hz
Maximum expected additional attenuation - 21dBNominal current - 32 mA
Voltage 12.0 - 18.0 VDC at the plug
Passive Noise Attenuation*
8.7db         6.7db        17.0db        29.5db        38.0db        46.6db
@                @               @                @                @                @
125 Hz    250 Hz      500 Hz      lOOO Hz     2000 Hz     3150 Hz
*estimated per informal test: USAARL; March 1990

Talk-thru Capability (If equipped)
Binaural function integrated with active noise reductionCompressor/limiter - limits binaural audio to 82db at ear
Current draw - 30mA
Source voltage - 9v

Domes - polycarbonate or ABS
Headband - Mil-spec polyester ribbon used with spring steel nape band for tension
Cable Length - 90" stright and coiled cable combined.
Cable type - 6 conductor; polyurethane jacket; polypropylene insulation, 10 conductor coiled cable with polyurethane jacket
Plug - Amphenol AP series on headset straight cable and Amphenol 13 pin on coiled cable
Weight -16 oz. (w/o cable)
Foot PTT switch assy- ruggedized foot switch with selector switch for radio/intercom usage. Has a 108" cable to interconnect with the Tocnet jackbox and a 13 pin female Amphenol connector interface to connect to the headset

Environmental Testing
Noise canceling/audio modules meet Gentex Corp. PS-0276 environmental

Attenuation Testing
Meets MIL-STD-912/PS-0276/3*

* Per Gentex report dated 6-17-03