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The "TANR" series Headset (Tactical Active Noise Reduction), a clean sheet product designed specifically for use with the TOCNET communication system. Superior speech intelligibility is achieved through the use of 4 audio speakers, high strength active noise reduction, and a noise canceling electret microphone. Comfort is emphasized. Pressure points and hot spots are minimized through the use of a thin nylon head strap and a neck band wrapped in padded cordura fabric.
TOCNET compatible - designed specifically for the TOCNET system- currently the preferred headset for use with TOCNET

High fidelity - excellent audio quality achieved with a 4 speaker audio system
Active noise cancellation - improves speech intelligibility by neutralizing low frequency noise
Lightweight - 16 oz. without cord
Lower cost - made in USA for approximately one-half the price of competing headsets

Rugged design - modular electronics have passed all environmental tests
Full-flex boom microphone - utilizes noise canceling electret microphone to provide maximum speech intelligibility. Boom mic connection on each earcup allows for R or L handed shooters

Compatibility - designed to fit under ACH, MICH, and PASGT type helmets

Technical Specifications
Audio Speaker
Impedance - 300 ohm stereo
Effective Frequency Range - 80 - 18k Hz

Boom Microphone Type - M65 electret noise canceling
Boom - Full flex type; R/L interchangeable
Frequency Response - 300Hz - 8kHz
Source Resistance - 220 - 2200 ohms

Active Noise Attenuation
ANR effective frequency range - 80 - 600 Hz
Maximum expected additional attenuation - 21dBNominal current - 32 mA
Voltage 12.0 - 18.0 VDC at the plug
Passive Noise Attenuation*
8.7db         6.7db        17.0db        29.5db        38.0db        46.6db
@                @               @                @                @                @
125 Hz    250 Hz      500 Hz      lOOO Hz     2000 Hz     3150 Hz
*estimated per informal test: USAARL; March 1990

Talk-thru Capability (If equipped)
Binaural function integrated with active noise reductionCompressor/limiter - limits binaural audio to 82db at ear
Current draw - 30mA
Source voltage - 9v

Domes - polycarbonate or ABS
Headband - beryllium/copper spring steel
Cable Length - 36"
Cable type - 6 conductor; polyurethane jacket; polypropylene insulation
Plug - Hirose Hr 10A
Weight -16 oz. (w/o cable)

Environmental Testing
Noise canceling/audio modules meet Gentex Corp. PS-0276 environmental

Attenuation Testing
Meets MIL-STD-912/PS-0276/3*

* Per Gentex report dated 6-17-03

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