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2.1 mm DC jack for power connections of Headsets Inc. ANR equipment

HA-003 2.1 mm DC Jack     $5.00
TP-120  or  U174 plug for use with helicopter and military cables. Provides 4 conductor connectivity. Mates with U-92

HA-020  U-174 plug     $22.00
U-92 cable mounted jack (mates with U-174 plug) 

HA-021   U-92 jack (for U-174)   $22.00
U-384 plug provides 5 conductor connection. Used for a bail out quick disconnect and will provide power for ANR system. Mates with U-385

HA-022  U-384 plug        $29.00
U-385 jack (mates with U-384 plug) has 5 conductors

HA-023  U-385 jack        $39.00
U-174 connector with a switch to select the microphone source from either the boom microphone or the oxygen mask microphone
This connector must be installed at the factory.

HA-020-SWITCH       U-174 with switch    $45.00
Adapter Cable (Helo female to male GA connectors)

HA-127  Adapter helo female to male GA  $49.00

Adapter cable  (GA Female to male Helo connector)

HA-034  Adapter GA female to Helo Male  $49.00
Standard audio/microphone cable with General Aviation connectors and straight cable.

HA-008  Audio/Mic cable           $29.00
Standard audio/microphone cable with coiled cable and General Aviation Connectors

HA-008-Z                             $54.00
AMP cable (audio + microphone + power) with standard General Aviation connectors and a 2.1 mm dc connector to power our ANR system

HA-009  AMP cable purchased outright   $34.00
HA-009-K  Amp cable with ANR kit purchase $22.00

AMP cable (audio + microphone + power) with straight cable,  U174 connector, and 2.1 mm connector

HA-009-174  AMP cable with U174        $49.00
AMP cable (audio + microphone + power) with coiled cable, U174 connector and 2.1 mm connector

HA-009-174-Z  AMP coiled cable with U174   $79.00

Crossover cable replacement cable between ear cups

HA-010  4 conductor cable      $3.00

Microphone cable to connect wire boom mounted microphone to main cable

HA-032  Mic cable with (1) U173 male connector $12.00 shown
HA-032-F Mic cable with (1) U172 female connector $12.00
HA-042 Mic cord (male U-173 to Male U-173)       $16.00
Replacement power cable to power up our ANR system with molded plug, 72 inches long

HA-012  Power cable         $15.00
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Fax 806-358-6449
2.1 mm DC plug and cable 22" long for power connections of Headsets Inc. ANR equipment

PC-023  2.1 mm DC Plug and cable     $15.00

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